Memi Lavi | About

Senior Software Architect, Consultant & Speaker

Who I am

 My name is Memi Lavi, and I began my software career the day I laid my eyes on this beauty:

תמונה קשורה

Yes, the Commodore 64 was my first (computerized) love, and I’ve known since this fateful day in 3rd grade that this is what I want to do with my life. Fast forward (roughly) 30 years, I’m now a Senior Architect and Consultant working with large enterprises and many start-ups to ensure their systems are well designed and will work well under the toughest of conditions.

During my 15 years as an architect, I developed a unique methodology that helps me and the customer work closely together, toward the end-goal which is always the same: aligning the system with the organization’s goal. After all, the CEO doesn’t give a damn about the particular software architecture. He/she just wants it to work so the organization will succeed. Period. And by utilizing the latest best practices and tools, and after carefully analyzing various implementation alternatives (and establishing how they suit the existing IT infrastructure) and development team’s skills, I craft a piece of architectural art that takes into account all functional and non-functional requirements, and packages it in a tidy document that can be used by everyone, including the junior developer and the CIO.

But this is just the beginning – read about my services.

What I do

I’ve worked with customers from all fields, including Government, Military, Telco, Banking, Cyber, and Start-Ups.

I’ve worked on systems that were designed to withstand thousands of requests per second, as well as systems with less than 10 users that still required tens of servers (it’s a long story).

I’ve spent weeks with team leaders to try and “massage” the architecture to save 30 milliseconds from the transaction time and I’ve also had discussions with a CEO who didn’t understand my recommendation to re-organize his all development teams.

I’ve worked with security experts to ensure their shiny, new appliances are not exposed to DDOS attacks while connected to third-party APIs over the web.

In short, no matter what your system is doing or how your organization looks, chances are I already have experience in your field and I am more than happy to harness my knowledge and expertise for your service needs. 

Technology Stack

As opposed to many other architects, I firmly believe that a Software Architect should go hands-deep in code and technological details. After all, I can’t really recommend a library, framework, or platform I’m not confident can fulfill your system’s requirements. I always strive to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in software architecture, and as such, I’ve utilized many best practices and technologies, among them:

  • Architectural Patterns: Micro-Services, Client / Server, Monolith, Desktop (yep, did that too)
  • Cloud: Private, Public (Azure, AWS)
  • Development Platforms and runtimes: .NET, Java, Python, PHP
  • Front End: Angular, React, jQuery
  • Databases: RDBMS (SQL Server, Oracle), NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis)

Most of the architectures I design include: Stateless, Load Balancing, Distributed Caching, Auto-Scaling (when possible), Massive logging and monitoring, Interfacing the hell out of the design, and more.