Enterprise Architecture

Make Your IT a Business Enabler

Enterprise Architecture is the process of streamlining the IT operations across the organization and making it an enabler rather than a hindrance

Every organization has to stop sometimes and ask: OK, where am I going from here? This question is often asked about the business aspect of an organization, but is often also asked about an organization’s IT aspects. Today, IT is an important factor of almost every organization, though it must be designed and streamlined to fully support the business


  • Developing and deploying new systems take a long time (~6 months for each version), and in the meantime the customers are “enjoying” old, buggy versions. A lot of complaints are received
  • The organization is planning to enter new business fields, but current IT structure cannot support the new tasks
  • In the last years, the organization’s IT was more of a hindrance than an enabler, and new business initiatives were held back by the IT capabilities. This has to change


The Enterprise Architecture process includes the following phases:

  • Discussing the organization’s high-level business goals
  • Mapping the IT’s current state and its business contribution
  • Mapping the gaps that prevent the IT from becoming a true enabler
  • Creating recommendations for changes in IT roles and apps


By the end of the Enterprise Architecture process, you will get a detailed document that contains:

  • A brief summary of the process that was carried out
  • Short description of business goals
  • Short description of the current IT’s state
  • Executive Summary with a high-level overview of the new proposed architecture
  • Detailed gap analysis of the IT’s capabilities
  • Detailed recommendations for changes in the IT’s roles and systems, including (if necessary):
    • Organizational changes
    • New apps to be built
    • Existing apps to be scrapped
    • and more...

Make sure that everyone is aligned

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