Want to Become a Software Architect?

Want Your Employees to Learn the Foundations of Good Architecture?

Take the "How to Become a Software Architect" Course.

A 5-days packed, practical, down-to-earth, frontal course that touches on all the bases of a good software architect.


  • Previous systems developed without high-level architecture, which resulted in poor performance and high maintenance costs
  • Lack of in-house training may cause new systems to be built using old, outdated technologies and patterns
  • Limited growth opportunities result in high developers’ turnover rate


  • The role of a Software Architect
  • What are Non-Functional requirements and why are they so important
  • Introduction to Design Patterns
  • How to make your system reliable
  • How to make your system fast
  • How to select the right technology stack

and many more...


Students who complete the course will have learned to design systems with architectural considerations in mind and to produce faster, more stable, more reliable, and easier to maintain systems.

This course can be tailored to specific needs of the customer

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