Software Architecture

Planning a New System?

Ensure it will be fast, secure, stable, easy to maintain and up-to-date with an experience-based, all-encompassing Architecture


  • You’re about to start working on a new application, but you’re not sure the development team has enough experience. You know that failure to build the system right will cause a substantial money loss
  • Your current application is built on old, outdated technologies and patterns. You want to make sure the new one will use newer, better, and proven methodologies, thus adapting your organization to modern days
  • You need the new system to support business growth forecasts, and allow an exponential growth in customer and cash flow


The software architecture process includes the following phases:

  • Discussing the new system goals
  • Exploring the system’s functional and non-functional requirements
  • Mapping the various components that compose the system
  • Designing the architecture for each component, in light of established requirements


By the end of the Software Architecture process, you will get a detailed document that contains:

  • A brief summary of the process that was carried out
  • Description of the system and its requirements
  • Executive Summary that highlights the architecture’s main aspects
  • A high-level description of the software architecture
  • A detailed description of each component, including:
    • Its role in the system
    • Its technology stack
    • Its API (if relevant)
    • A detailed description of the inner architecture
    • Implementation instructions

Make sure the architecture is fully implemented

Request a support consulting package to this service, which will ensure the system is built by the development team according to the architectural layout