The Most Common 5 Mistakes of Software Architects

Software Architect is a complex job.

You have a lot on your hands, you must be a technical savvy person, your soft skills must be very sharp, your writing skills must be perfect, and your intercommunication skills must be top notch.

Considering all that, no wonder that many architects make many mistakes.

However, in my 16 years as a Software Architect I’ve come to learn that there are some common mistakes that can easily be avoided. We just have to be fully aware of them.


Now, the surprising part is that there mistakes have nothing to do with technology or architectural patterns. They are all about behavior, business, and soft skills.

Become a Better Software Architect!

So to make your life easier, and help you become a much better architect, I’ve compiled a list of the most common 5 mistakes of software architects.

This easy-to-read list outlines these mistakes, and helps you overcome them.

I’m using this list on a daily basis, and I can attest my work has improved tremendously, and as a result – the satisfaction of my clients. (And as a result – the number of gigs I have…)


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