The Complete Guide to Becoming a Software Architect – The Course!

Wow, this is exciting…

After ~8 months of planning, researching, writing, designing, recording and editing, I’m so proud to announce my flagship course is finally online!

This course, The Complete Guide to Becoming a Software Architect, contains all that is needed for you to become a great software architect.

The Course Image
The Course Image

The course discusses all the topics relevant to software architecture and software architects, including:

  • What is a Software Architect
  • The Architect’s Mindset
  • The Architecture Process
  • System Requirements
  • Technology Stack
  • Components’ Architecture
  • System Architecture
  • The Architecture Document
  • Important Soft Skills
  • Advanced Patterns
  • And lots more…

But wait, that’s not all!

One of the cornerstones of the architect’s work is the architecture document. This document contains all the information regarding the architecture designed by the architect, including requirements, technology stack. component’s architecture, system architecture and lots more.

Creating the architecture document is a daunting task, that can take months of hard work.

But if you take this course – your life will be much easier!

Towards the end of this course, we’ll work together on a real-world case study, one that stems from other projects I’ve worked on. After discussing the case study, and designing its architecture,  you’ll have an opportunity to download a real-world, full blown architecture document, complete with all the information related to the case study. In fact, this is an industry-grade document, which I used in dozens of systems I’ve worked on.

And the best part? It’s yours to use! Feel free to take this document, modify the parts that are relevant to your project, and submit it to your client.

Again – you’re going to give your client a professional looking, modern, methodical document that covers all the bases, and makes a great impression.

No other course provides such a document, and that’s because I’m fully confident in the document’s contribution to your work and reputation, as I used it extensively in the past years.

Who Is This Course For?

Actually, any person who is involved in software development, even system analyst, can profit from this course.

However, the best candidate for this course is a developer with some experience, preferably at least 2 years, with experience in backend development. This experience will help mainly in understanding the terminology used in this course.

If you’re not sure if this course is for you – drop me a note!

A Sneak Peak…

I’ve made the first 10 lecture free for viewing (out of 113).

Take a look:


How Can I Join?

The course is currently hosted in Udemy, here:

Its list price is 200$ (OK, 199.99$…), but as a reader of my blog you’re entitled to a discount!

Leave a comment here, or send me a mail to, and your coupon code will be on its way.

Any comments / questions / inquiries? let me know!



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