Software Architecture Security – The Course!

Software Security is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now.
Some famous security incidents, like the DDoS attack that took down Dyn’s DNS servers and brought 25% of the internet traffic to a halt, or the Equifax huge data leak, demonstrated the importance of a secure software.

You, as a Software Architect, are expected to design such a system.

And this course is the best way of doing that.

My new course, Software Architecture Security – The Complete Guide will teach you everything you need to know about software security. And since this course is tailor made for Software Architects – it will help you to become an even better architect!

What’s in the course?

This course covers all aspects of software & architecture security, but in order to make it even better – I’ve included materials that are not directly related to the Software Architect’s work, but will still help the architect to understand the environment she works in.

In this course we’ll discuss, among others:

  • What is Software Security? What are we trying to protect from?
  • The Secure Architecture Process
  • Security Perimeters
  • Code Security
  • Network Security
  • MFA
  • Encryption
  • SQL Injection
  • And lots more…

This course is a MUST for every Software Architect. These days, no system can go out of the gate unsecured. You owe it to tour client, you owe it to yourself.

And there’s more…

I wanted to make this course as practical as possible, so towards the end of this course you’ll be able to download the Secure Architecture Checklist, a comprehensive checklist that will guide you throughout all the steps of designing secure architecture. You’ll find there step-by-step instructions for every stage in the way, and it will ensure your architecture is robust and secure.

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Here is a sneak peak at the course, enjoy!

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Get The Software Security course for a special and become a better Software Architect!

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