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Learn Microservices Security from an experienced microservices architect with 20+ years of experience.

Microservices Security is one of the hottest topics in the architecture world today. Software security is difficult in general, and securing microservices system is even more so.

And I’m happy to announce my new course, that will teach you everything you need to know to design security around microservices systems.

So please welcome:

Microservices Security – The Complete Guide course

This course will teach you all you need to know, as an architect, regarding microservices security. When completing the course, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to design secure microservices architecture.

Now, I strongly believe that talking just about secure microservices architecture is not enough. In order to be a really great architect you must have a holistic view of all aspects of software security.

And because of that, this course covers all the bases of software security.

Here is a partial list of what we’ll talk about in this course:

What is Security?

– Threat Modeling

The Five Perimeters of software security

– Some common attacks and how to defend from them

Authentication and Authorization


Secure Communication

And lots and lots more…

In addition, in this course we’ll cover the basics of microservices architecture, so that you’ll get a pretty good idea about this great architectural pattern, and also discuss the unique challenges of securing microservices architecture.

In this course you’ll also learn the terminology of Software Security, and you’ll encounter terms such as SQL Injection, MFA, MITM and more. Don’t worry – we’ll explain everything, and will make sure you fully understand these terms.

In fact, you don’t have to have any prior knowledge of software security. We’ll start from the very beginning.

After completing this course you’ll have everything you need in order to design a microservices architecture that is as secure as possible.

But that’s not all…

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to download the Secure Microservices Architecture Checklist, a comprehensive checklist that will guide you through the process of designing secure microservices systems, and provides a step-by-step guidance for each step.

Using this checklist will ensure your system is as secure as possible, will make your client happy, and, most important – will make you a better architect.

This course takes you from the absolute basics of Software Security to the most advanced topics, known only to a few. Completing this course will give you all the knowledge required for designing secure systems, and, as a bonus, will put you in a great position when looking for your next job.

No other course covers this topic in such a comprehensive and thorough way. I’ve put all my 20+ years of experience with hundreds of clients in this course, and I’m sure you will greatly benefit from it.

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