Google Cloud Platform From Zero to Hero – The Course!

Become an expert in Google Cloud!

Google Cloud is one of the most popular public clouds in the industry, and it gets bigger and bigger by the day. Thousands of organizations, from all sizes and shapes, are moving to the cloud, and being able to work with it is one of the most important skills for every developer, architect, or IT admin.

And I’m proud to announce my new course, Google Cloud Platform From Zero to Hero – The Complete Guide course, that does just that.

This course will make you a real expert in Google Cloud.

We start from the very basics – what is the cloud and what it’s good for – and go to the most advanced concepts such as Organization Policy, Cost management, and lots more.

By the end of this course you’ll be familiar with the most important services in Google Cloud, and also some real hidden gems known only to the few (Metadata services, for instance), and you’ll be able to work with Google Cloud and design and build modern cloud apps, utilizing the most up-to-date cloud services.

Here is a partial list of what we’ll talk about in this course:

– What is the cloud

– Google Cloud vs other clouds

– The Console

– Compute – Virtual Machines, App Engine, Cloud Run, GKE, Cloud Functions and more

– Networking – VPC, Subnets, Firewall rules, Load balancers and more

– Data Services – Cloud SQL, AlloyDB, Memorystore, BigTable, Cloud Storage and more

– Messaging – Pub/Sub, Eventarc

– Identity management with Cloud IAM and Identity Platform

– Logging and Monitoring

– Implementing security in the cloud

– Cost Management

– Disaster Recovery (DR)

And lots and lots more…

Now, to make sure that this course is the best Google Cloud course out there, I’ve decided to make it a little bit different.

Instead of going through the various services of Google Cloud, talking about each one and perhaps even doing a demo – this course takes a different approach.

We’re going to build, together, a full blown modern cloud system on Google Cloud.

Together, we’re going to build the Readit website, a fictional bookstore that’s built in Google Cloud.

We’re going to begin with the very basics – take a code and put it on a virtual machine in the cloud.

And then we’re going to add more compute elements, add networking, databases, messaging, monitoring, security, and even DR! (Take a look at the video preview – you can see there the architecture diagram of the system at the beginning, and how it looks like when we’re done with it. Worth watching…)

And when we’re done – you’ll be able to say that you’ve built a complete system in Google Cloud!

This is something you can show future employers and clients, and explain them how the system is designed, and what are the reasons it’s built like this.

Now, don’t worry about the code. Everything it going to be provided to you.

The system is built using .NET and nodeJS, but you don’t have to be familiar with these languages, you just better have some development knowledge.

There is no other course like this!

This is the only Google Cloud course that takes you step-by-step towards a complete, full blown system in the cloud. At the end of it – you can definitely call yourself Google Cloud Expert.

But that’s not all…

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to download the Google Cloud Architecture Summary, a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that summarizes what we’ve learned in the course, and that will help you design great Google Cloud apps.

This summary is an extremely handy doc to use when designing apps in Google Cloud. I use it and it helps me a lot – and so should you…

This course takes you from the absolute basics of Google Cloud to the most advanced topics, known only to few. Completing this course will give you all the knowledge required for designing modern, robust, secure and reliable cloud systems, and, as a bonus, will put you in a great position when looking for your next job.

No other course covers this topic in such a comprehensive and thorough way. I’ve put all my 20+ years of experience with hundreds of clients in this course, and I’m sure you will greatly benefit from it.

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Here is the preview video of the course, enjoy it!



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