Newsletter #9 – June 2021

Software Architecture Newsletter #9 – June 2021


Software Architecture Newsletter #9

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Software Architecture Newsletter!

In  this edition – Cloud security, event driven with Kafka, the last e-commerce monolith, my new book and more…

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Event Driven Architecture with Apache Kafka – I bet you at least heard about Kafka, even if you didn’t use it. Kafka is the most popular event streaming platform, offering great scalability & fault tolerant.
But – in order to use it, you’ll better learn in…
This great tutorial by offers a great step-by-step guide of implementing complete event driven architecture in Kafka. The tutorial is built using .NET code, but the ideas and concepts will appeal to any architect or developer.

Scaling GitHub API rate limiter with Redis  – Rate limiters are, on one hand, one of the most required features of almost any API and, on the other hand, one of the most difficult to actually implement.
Now think of rate limiting a distributed API. 
And now think of rate limiting a heavy-load site. Say, GitHub.
Well, naturally, GitHub do have rate limiter, and had it for years. However, it had its share of problems, and it was decided to build a new one.
This blog post in the GitHub Blog describes the whole process – what were the problems with the old rate limiter, what is the architecture of the new one, and what problems were faced during this process. A fascinating journey, and architecture, of one of the most popular websites in the world.

Shopify Plus: The Last E-Commerce Monolith  – Moving from Monolith to Microservices is a no brainer these days, or at least – this is what they want you to think (and admittedly – I’m not sure who exactly are “they” here…). However, in real life, this is not always happening, and in some cases this leads to bad results.
In a fascinating case study, Faisal Masud of Fabric details what he saw at Amazon, and how its move to Microservices helped the retail giant to become what it is, and contradicts that with Shopify Plus, which remained a Monolith, although a modular one, and plateaued. 
Read the full account here.


Microsoft will build 50-100 new datacenters each year – Azure is currently the 2nd largest public cloud in the world, but it looks like Microsoft are very serious about becoming #1.
Officials at Microsoft predicted that Microsoft will build 50-100 datacenters each year for the foreseeable future, and this year alone – it will expand to 10 more countries. That’s definitely a strong statement.
Read the ZDNet’s article here.

Google announces general availability of A2 VM  – Google adds a real workhorse to its fleet of cloud VMs, and announces the general availability of the A2 VM, a VM based on the NVIDIA Ampere GPU. These machines will be extremely useful for clients looking for running heavy machine-learning workloads.
The A2 VM packs as much as 16 GPUs in a single VM, and offers great flexibility and scaling capabilities.
Read all about it here.

What does the future holds for cloud security – Security is, without any doubt, the most important factor in cloud computing. Clients who believe their precious data is not secure in the cloud – will simply won’t go there, no matter the price and the shiny services.
And the cloud security field is an ever-evolving one, offers a constant stream of trends, tools and technologoes.
This hackernoon article tries to predict the next trends in cloud security, and offers an interesting view on things to come.

Dev & DevOps                                                

Free Tools That Will Help You Grow As a Front-End Developer – Front End? In a Software Architecture newsletter? What’s going on here?
Well, I’ll be the first to admit that front end is not my strongest suit. I’m a backend guy, and I’m willing to bet most Software Architects are.
Alas – front end is still quite an important part of (almost) every piece of software, and since that is the case – it’s essential we, architects and developers, will be at least familiar with it.
So this great article from Hackernoon lists dozens of useful tools for the front end developer, and some of them, at least from my point of view, are a must for every developer and architect (MDN Web Docs, for example). Highly recommended!


Exporting data using Microservices – Microservices seem sometimes as the silver bullet that can solve everything. However, there are some scenarios that challenge this. A question was asked in our Facebook Group regarding the best way to export large data (read: 10000 records) using REST API of a service. Belal Khan described the challenge he’s facing, and asked for advice. Some very interesting ideas where brought up, and a great discussion ensued. 
Want to read it? Want to contribute your own? Do it here.

My New Book                           

Just wanted to let you know…
A few weeks ago I’ve signed a contract with Manning Publications (you probably know these guys… this is one of the largest, most respected software books publishing house) to write a book about Microservices, named (temporarily, at least) Design Microservices Systems.
Needless to say – I’m so excited and humbled by this! 
The book is due to be published on September 2022 (yep, these things take time…), and I really can’t wait to hold the printed book…

This is a new, exciting journey for me, and I’m sure I’m going to learn a lot along the way.

To celebrate this, I’m running a special sale on ALL my software & cloud related courses.

Get your discounted courses on the following links, and become a better software architect and developer:

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So, that was the ninth edition of the Software Architecture Newsletter (temp name).
I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to suggest and comment on it, simply by replying to this mail.
Also, if you created a unique content you think can be included here – drop me a note!
Looking forward for your feedback!




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