Microservices Architecture – The Course!

Microservices Architecture is the most popular Software Architecture style these days

Almost every new software designed and built, is doing so using Microservices. And not just that, but there are a lot of legacy applications that are being migrated to Microservices Architecture.

Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Facebook. Uber and lost more have migrated to Microservices, and it became the de-facto standard for Software Architecture.

That means that a lot of Software Architects are looking for resources about Microservices, but until now – there was no a single, comprehensive course that covered all aspects of Microservices.

And this course does just that.

If you’ll take this course, you’ll know everything there is to know about Microservices.

We start from the very basics – why do we need Microservices and what problems do they come to solve? – and go to the most advanced concepts such as Service Mesh and CI/CD.

By the end of this course you’ll become a real expert in Microservices, and you’ll be able to design advanced, robust Microservices-based systems.

What’s in this course?

Here is a partial list of what we’ll talk about in this course:

– History of Microservices

– Problems they solve

– The 9 attributes of Microservices

– The Architecture Process of Microservices

– Testing

– Service Mesh

– Common Anti-Patterns

And lots and lots more…

But I want to make this course as practical as possible, and for this reason – I’ve included in it a real-world case study. In this case study we’ll design, together, a system from the ground up using the concepts we’ve learned in this course, since I really believe theory alone is not enough.

And there’s more…

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to download the Microservices Architecture Checklist, a comprehensive checklist that will guide you through the process of designing Microservices systems, and provide a great summary of what we’ll learn in this course.

Using this checklist will help you design the best Microservices Architecture possible, will help you decide whether you should actually utilize Microservices, and, most important – will make you a better architect.

This course takes you from the absolute basics of Microservices to the most advanced topics, known only to few. Completing this course will give you all the knowledge required for designing Microservices systems, and, as a bonus, will put you in a great position when looking for your next job.

No other course covers this topic in such a comprehensive and thorough way. I’ve put all my 20+ years of experience with hundreds of clients in this course, and I’m sure you will greatly benefit from it.

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