Announcing the Software Architecture Newsletter

Why Newsletter?

A good Software Architect is one that keeps learning, all the time.

One can’t assume that just because one has took some great Software Architecture courses then one has all the knowledge one needs from now and for ever. It just doesn’t work like this.

In order to be a really great Software Architect, you have to keep learning. You have to be aware of new trends, of new platforms, of security risks found in popular frameworks, and also – of relevant events and books.

Now, developers have enjoyed a variety of newsletters that did just that. It’s not that hard to find a newsletter that will summarize the important developments in the, well, development world.

But Software Architect did not have such privilege.

True, I’m aware of at least one newsletter that targets Software Architects, but it does so based on content of the publisher’s website only. What we do miss is a short, focused digest that will help us, Software Architects, to learn about what’s really matters for us in the industry.

Enter The Software Architecture Newsletter

And exactly for that reason I’ve created the Software Architecture Newsletter. True, it’s quite a clunky name, but I believe you get the gist.

This newsletter, designed to be delivered monthly, is a great place for learning about Software Architecture.

It contains bite-sized sections, each discusses a specific topic, and refers to the source for further reading. The whole thing should take no more than 5 minutes to read, and believe me – these are 5 minutes well spent.

The newsletter will focus on the following subjects:

  • Software Architecture
  • Cloud architecture
  • Development platforms
  • Cyber security
  • Books recommendations
  • Relevant events
  • And anything else that might be of interest for the Software Architect and Software Architect-to-be.


See for yourself

The first edition of the newsletter was delivered yesterday (Oct 19, 2020), and I invite you to take a loot at it in the Newsletter page on this site. Like what you see? The subscribe to it and enjoy a relevant and interesting content, straight to your inbox, that will help you become an even better Software Architect.


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