Azure AD for Developers and Architects – The Course!

Become an expert in the biggest, most advanced cloud identity management service

I’m excited to announce my new course – Azure AD and Azure AD B2C for Developers and Architects!

Identity management, comprised mainly of storing user details, authentication and authorization, is not easy to develop and implement, and becomes even more difficult when trying to add some advanced capabilities such as Multi-Factor authentication, conditional access and more.

And in this course, you’re going to learn how to do just that using two of the most powerful identity management services in the industry – Azure AD and Azure AD B2C, part of Microsoft’s public cloud – Azure.

These two services, that are quite similar but have their differences, offer robust, secure and flexible identity management capabilities, allowing, among the rest:

– Storing user details

– Implement sign-in flow

– Customizable user interface

– Advanced sign-in capabilities

– Localization

– API Authentication

And lots more.

And all this – with minimal coding (usually less than 10 lines of code), and full compatibility with multiple development platforms.

Do you want to become an expert in these services and add their advanced capabilities to your apps?

Well – this course is for you!

In this course we’re going to learn Azure AD and Azure AD B2C from the very basics to the most advanced concepts, used only by few.

Some of the topics we’ll cover in this course include:

– Authentication basics (OAuth2, Open ID Connect and more)

– Adding authentication to a web app

– Adding authentication to other app types

– Customizing the authentication

– Conditional Access

– Multi-Factor Authentication

– Authenticating API

– User Flows

– Social Identities

– Custom Policies

– API Connectors

– Single Sign-on

And lots more…

Now, I wanted to make this course as effective as possible, and so I designed it to be extremely practical and hands-on. Yes, there are slides in this course for learning the theoretical parts, but quite quickly we’re going to dive in and actually work with Azure AD and Azure AD B2C.

We’re going to work on a web app for a fictitious HR start-up, and add to it authentication and authorization using Azure AD and Azure AD B2C. And after adding the basic authentication capabilities, we’re going to improve and customize it, adding features such as Conditional Access, MFA, branding, custom page contents, Facebook and Google integration, API Connectors and more. And all this – using clear demonstration and guidance which are easy to follow and implement.

And note: In order to take this course,

– You don’t have to be a cloud developer

– You don’t have to know anything about Azure AD or Azure AD B2C

– Your app does not have to be installed in the cloud

– In fact, you don’t have to know anything about the cloud

We’re going to learn everything from the very beginning.

There is no other course like this! This is the most comprehensive, practical and easy-to-follow course about Azure AD and Azure AD B2C. And by the end of this course – you’ll be a real Azure AD Expert!

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Here is the preview video of the course, enjoy it!


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