Building Web APIs with GraphQL: The Complete Guide – The Course!

Become an expert in GraphQL!

I’m excited to announce my new course – Building Web APIs with GraphQL- The Complete Guide!

This is how you expose your web app to the world, and to other users, and it must be fast, easy to use, and up-to-date.

GraphQL is one of the most advanced and exciting web APIs in the industry today, and it adds a lot of value to any web app. Its great flexibility and many implementations make it an important asset in every developer and architect toolbox.

And this practical, hands-on course will make you an expert in GraphQL.

We are going to cover all aspects of GraphQL, from the very basics to the most advanced topics.

Here are some of the topics we’re going to discuss:

– How GraphQL stacks against REST API

– Basic concepts of GraphQL

– GraphQL Schema

– Querying

– Mutations

– Subscriptions

– Developing GraphQL Server and Client

– Error handling in GraphQL

And lots more.

Now, in order to make this course as valuable as possible, I made it extremely practical and hands-on.

We’re going to start working with GraphQL in the very first section, and then working through all the other topics, and we’re going to use multiple platforms for that – nodeJS and .NET.

Note: You don’t have to be a .NET or nodeJS developer to take this course. I’m going to guide you through all the steps in the development process, and make sure everything will work as expected.

By the end of this course, you’ll be an expert in GraphQL, not just in theory, but in practicality.

There is no other course like this! This is the only course that will take you all the way to  be an expert in GraphQL, from the very beginning to topics known to few, and will do that in an extremely practical and hands-on fashion.

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Here is the preview video of the course, enjoy it!



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